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Marianne Pasmans was born in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and has been working and living in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Middle East since 1994. She obtained her Bachelors Degree in product design from the Academy of Fine Arts, Maastricht. While finishing her first year she was giving an opportunity to work for the National State Archive in their restoration department. After 2 years of extensive training at the National State Archive she decided to return to the Academy and complete her art degree. Marianne did so while giving training courses in manual bookbinding at the Maastricht Graphic Art Centre till 1987. She has been active in the purchases of collections of various fashion brands, worked as an associate designer for O'Neill sportswear and set up a franchise for fashion including retail space design, branding and production of collections.


In 1994, Marianne moved to Bahrain. After working for 13 years in banking sector, she had an opportunity to fully commit herself to art & design once more. She enjoyed several solo and group exhibitions since 2006 and her paintings adorn the walls worldwide.


Teaching art & design to adult enthusiasts and talented adolescents through extensive courses have been added to her curriculum since 2006. Her paintings tend to be evocative, colorful, prolific & expressive, applying techniques from mixed media to palette knife, taking inspiration from nature.


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